Neon Highway                                                                                                   

Neon Highway Poetry Magazine is edited by Jane Marsh and Alice Lenkiewicz. Neon Highway was set up in 2002 as a non profit making little poetry/arts magazine

Neon Highway                (ISSN: 1476-9867)

Literary journal

Neon Highway is available bi-annually, with 2 issues costing £5.50, or a single Issue available at £3.00. Order your next issue by sending a cheque made out to Alice Lenkiewicz at 37, Grinshill Close, Liverpool, L8 8LD


We prefer to receive work by snailmail. Sometimes email is useful if your work format is 'experimental' or you have images and of course if you are abroad. For these reasons, email submissions will be accepted. On a general level, email submissions will only be read if we have time to, as we prefer to receive your works in the post. Please do not forget to enclose a sae for returns and replies.

Alice Lenkiewicz

37, Grinshill Close, Liverpool, UK, L8 8LD


Contributors copies

All writers and artists published in the magazine will receive a free contributors copy.
However, this is not the case if postage abroad runs outside the price for UK postage.
If postage exceeds our budget this becomes far too expensive for a non profit making magazine. We are happy to send you a free copy of the magazine, however, if you are abroad please do send us cover for the price of postage.

Waiting for a response.

Please be patient. We receive a high number of submissions. We are not funded or paid for this work. Neon Highway is proud of its voluntary contribution to publishing poetry of a high standard for no profit.

If you feel that you have waited long enough for a reply or you have not heard from us, please do not hesitate to email us at the link above.
We are quite happy to deal with your enquiry.

To be considered when submitting your work.

We prefer it if you do not send us a covering letter saying, "This is not my best work but. . ."
Neon highway will only accept or consider looking at your best work.
Because of this policy, we receive a high number of quality poems. Therefore, please do not be offended if your work has been well received before and not accepted this time. We do have to be selective but we do also like to offer the emerging writer a chance to be published.

Sunscriptions cover printing and postage of the magazine. Please support us by subscribing to Neon Highway.